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Article: 4 Housewarming Gift Ideas

4 Housewarming Gift Ideas

4 Housewarming Gift Ideas

It's no secret that this housing market is booming! With that there are plenty of people buying their first home which is a huge accomplishment if you ask me, one that should be celebrated. While housewarming parties seem to be a thing of the past you can still do something to celebrate.

If everyone goes to Target or Walmart you're bound to get something you already have. There is nothing more exciting than getting something unique or personalized. Today we are going to share 4 gift ideas that are perfect for someone that is buying a new home. 


Custom Engraving on Match Jar Lid | Frankie & Claude

Golden Birch Long Stem Match Jar With Optional Customizable Jar Lid

Help a new homeowner adorn their mantle with our oh-so-pretty Fancy Matches™. Our custom colored matches are tucked into a sleek glass jar, topped with a screw-on wood acacia lid, and finished with our signature hand-lettered gold foil label. A match-striker is featured on the label; strike away! Matches are easy to remove; simply turn over the jar and give it a shake. On average a jar of matches will last over a year of use which a gift that keeps on giving.

New Abode Congrats Card | Frankie & Claude

Perfect Card To Congratulate The New Home Owner 

Long live snail mail. This sweet and simple illustrated congratulations card is printed on heavy soft white cover card-stock and perfect for the new homeowner that may not live so close.

Notepads | Frankie & Claude

Assortment of Notepads

We offer a variety of notepads that will make life oh so simpler. We have everything from a weekly meal plannerdaily overview notepad, and to do today block notepad bock notepad. We hope this helps all of the chaos of moving to at least be a little less stressful.

Address Stamp | Frankie & Claude

Customized Rubber Address Stamp

Our customizable eco-friendly 100% renewable rubber stamp makes a great gift. We have a variety of 20+ designs to choose from. The stamps can also be purchased as self-inking which can last 10,000 impressions. These stamps are also great for newly weds. 


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