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March is upon us, which means that spring is finally on our doorstep. Living in Washington state, the temperature is still in the 40's most days. I'm really looking forward to warmer weather & embracing all of the spring vibes.
That means bringing bouquets of flowers home to lighten things up while we wait for spring to make its full appearance! 🌸
With flowers on the brain, this quote from Oscar Wilde stuck out to me recently:
“A flower blooms for its own joy.”
While I usually share only calendar wallpapers with you, this month, I knew that I wanted to incorporate this quote for those who need a little extra inspiration to get through the month, so we have both calendar wallpapers AND quotes!
Click the image below to download our calendar and quote versions in both mobile and desktop sizes.

It's been a heavy few weeks, and I hope that these wallpapers bring a little bit of joy to you today. The tragedy happening in Ukraine has been at the forefront of my thoughts these last couple of days, and is something I can’t wrap my mind around, or really find the “right” words for.

Because I haven’t found the words myself, I’ve lettered some quotes from others that are resonating with me now. I wanted to share them with you in case you're struggling to make sense of all that's going on right now.

Processing these these things doesn’t need to be public if you choose. There’s no right or wrong way to handle the grief & intensity of the tragedy that's taking place.
Feel free to utilize these graphics on social media if you feel led to — simply click the images below to download them. I hope they can bring a little bit of wisdom in the midst of this chaos and allow you to voice your support for the people of Ukraine. 🤍

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