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Can you believe that fall is right around the corner? Before you know it you will hear the crunching of leaves and pumpkin spice everything will be wafting through your kitchen. Along with the change of seasons comes the change in home décor! Today we're sharing one of our signature products - our Fancy Matches, now in a variety of beautiful vessels.

First up our signature Small Match Jar. Adorn your mantle with our oh-so-pretty Fancy Matches™. Our custom colored matches are tucked into a corked glass apothecary jar. A match-striker is affixed to the bottom of the jar. Matches are easy to remove; simply turn over the jar and give it a shake. On average a jar of matches will last over a year of use.

Next up are our new Long Stem Matches. They come in a sleek glass bottle with the option to laser engrave the lid with a variety of designs; a beautiful gift idea for a new homeowner or newlyweds! 


A gorgeous and unique statement piece for your home, our new Fireplace Matches feature our custom colored small-batch safety matches tucked into an impressive nearly 1 foot tall glass apothecary jar, topped with a wood acacia lid. A match-striker is affixed to the hand-drawn gold foil label.

While our unique matches serve a practical use we love that these can also be a great statement piece to compliment your existing décor season to season. Take a peak at our growing collection of matches here!

match jars

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