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While the use of technology is great and all sometimes there isn't anything better than some good old pen and paper to get your thoughts out. I don't know about you but theres nothing I love more than a fun notepad and pen/pencil. This is why notepads and whitty pencils are such a fun staple in our shop! Below you will find a variety of the options we offer.

Notepads | Frankie & Claude


Our Variety Of Notepads

While adding an important date to your phone is great sometimes it can be better to take it one day at a time with our thoughtfully designed Daily Overview Notepad, To Do Today and Weekly Meal Plan Notepads. This notepad breaks down your day into manageable pieces so you can feel peace and clarity throughout the day.


I Am Very Busy Pencils | Frankie & Claude


Whitty Pencils

Our slightly snarky pencils are the ideal office or school accessory to keep you motivated. The perfect pencils for jotting down your big dreams and grand schemes. These make a great gift idea for your friends that have a sense of humor. Classic #2 graphite encased in California Cedar wood.

Take Note: Pencil & Paper

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